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  • Answer – No unfortunately. you can find sites that give free guitar lessons but no way near the consistency and quality of the videos released over at JamPlay.
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Hi guys, In this video I talk about why I made this JamPlay Review site and also why I personally recommend using Jam Play for your online guitar lessons. I personally use Jam play and find it key to advancing myself in the pursuit of guitar playing awesomeness.

I really hope the video I have recorded above has been of some help to you guys. To read my FULL JamPlay Review on JamPlay’s online guitar lessons simply continue reading and don’t forget to enter your details in the form down the right of this page to receive your FREE Guitar Chord Chart.

In the following post I will talk about how I started playing the guitar, how I  personally came across JamPlay, and why I would personally and highly recommend using JamPlay for your online guitar lessons and tutoring.

Why Did I Make this JamPlay Review Website?

JamPlay Review ft. RandyWell basically the reason for this JamPlay Review website is to help inform you normal guys and gals out there just trying to get along in life but would also like an awesome life enhancing skill like playing the guitar. I myself have struggled a lot with trying to learn the guitar as I have come across people and places that want nothing more than my money and have no real interest in teaching me what it is I wanted to learn.

What I really needed as an aspiring young guitarist was someone there to give me a real person to person and trustworthy opinion instead of people telling me what to buy, when to buy it and why I can’t live without what ever it was they were pitching to me. So, I am here to be your person to person and most of all TRUSTWORTHY opinion.

The first thing I did as all I’m sure all people interested in something would do, is look on the internet for something free. Obviously I found the free guitar lesson websites and yeah I used them for a little while but they were so stale and content was so slowly released I felt as though I was getting lessons from a damn wall. I saw real guitar lesson sites around such as JamPlay but being the skeptic I am, I assumed most of them were just scams trying to get money out of me so I avoided the for as long as possible.

What I did next would bring me nothing but unnecessary costs, rude and unreliable service and more boring content than the free sites, I signed myself of for guitar lessons at my local music store.

The lessons were costing me $25 a week and all I received was a 1 hour lesson per week. It was a struggle at best to get to and from lessons and there were times when I showed up for my overpriced lessons as usual and was told my so called teacher wasn’t coming in. One week I almost waited the entire hour before I got worked up and went down to the front desk to see what on Earth was going. In a nutshell, I was promptly told to take a hike.

So where did this leave me. This left me penny less and still not advancing in my guitar playing. So far I had spent a small fortune considering how much spare money I had at the end of each week and was still no better at guitar than I was when I started the lessons, so for obvious reasons I decided to called up and cancel my tuition. They didn’t seem care of be interested in the slightest, they DID however charge me for the lesson my teacher never showed and left me with a nice little “early leavers fee”.

After being recommended JamPlay by a good friend of mine I decided to jump on board and kind of test the water with JamPlay. Much to my surprise, the lessons at JamPlay were totally immersing, educational and fun to be a part of. I found myself spending almost as much time in the live JamChat session (which you can find out more on in the Feature section of the site) as I was taking part of the lessons! fortunately I was still learning a whole bunch and having a pretty fun time while doing so.

I’ve achieved more success in the small time I have been signed up to JamPlay than all the months I spent looking for free lessons on shady sites and all the guitar lessons at my crumby local music store combined. JamPlay has been absolutely instrumental in my learning of the guitar and now I’ve started I wouldn’t give it up for pretty much anything and ALL of this has been done from the comfort of my own home. If you want to find out a little more about me personally, check out my About Me page.

So let me return to the question from the start…

“Why Did I Make this JamPlay Review Website”?

Well after going through the horrible struggle of untrustworthy, dodgey sites and face to face lessons with the uncaring music store I decided to make this JamPlay Review site to help all you good folk out there experiencing the same struggle as I was and just want to get on with life while learning this kick ass and life changing (In mine and many other people’s opinion) skill that will stay with you for the rest of your long and hopefully happy life!

What Exactly Is JamPlay?

JamPlay is an online guitar lesson site used and trusted by thousands of users. There are many Features and Benefits of learning the guitar online at JamPlay and you can find out more in Features and Benefits of JamPlay.

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JamPlay Review – So what are the real benefits of using JamPlay? – When I started out playing guitar I was able to see a teacher once a week and use the crumby free websites but I was just learning so slowly.

What I really wanted was to be able to impress family and friends with some cool songs but what I was getting was boring one string songs and tedious, repetitive babbling from my teacher. Being taught songs that you aren’t interested in can really dampen your spirit when you wanna learn a new instrument, in this case guitar, and make you wanna give up.

I was recommended JamPlay from a good buddy of mine but being such an online skeptic I like a true idiot didn’t even look into it.

After continuous guitar lessons for a few months I was over it. I was over charged, treated poorly, rudely and basically thrown under the bus, forking out $20 a week for little to no real teaching and being bored out of my mind with stale content on the free sites.

I checked out some other JamPlay Reviews, still wasn’t totally convinced but I finally I decided to bite the bullet and sign up to JamPlay for some online guitar lessons, I must say I haven’t looked back since.

I’m saving well over three quarters the money per month that I was spending at my local music store and I’m being taught things that advance my skill as a guitarist, keep me interested and entertained, and actually lead to something I can use to impress my buddies and family at those weekend get togethers. Everything on JamPlay is easy to understand and the site is so easy to navigate. If you wanna learn a song, you can just learn it, no waiting and no pressure.

With the awesome unlimited content and lessons, there’s unlimited possibilities. The benefits I’ve just mentioned are just what I personally found out standing about JamPlay and I’m sure you’ll find way more if you decide to jump into the program and get started on your track to awesomeness! After experiencing the struggle myself I’ve decided to write this JamPlay review to give you guys a trustworthy and educated view of what the real benefits of JamPlay.

There are so many more Features of JamPlay but as I said previously these are the main features that stood out to me. if there’s anything you feel I’ve missed on this post that you think should be added, just hit me up on the Contact Me page and I’ll be sure to add it no problems.

At this point of the JamPlay Review website, I’ll share with you guys the features of JamPlay

see list of features below:

  • Massive Chord and Scale Libraries – Over at JamPlay they offer a huge variety of extensive and detailed libraries including Chord chart and scale libraries. You can find and practice any chord or scale with over 950,000 chords/scale diagrams available.
  • Active online Community – JamPlay has a strong and active community online at all times and ready to chat with about guitar and other various subjects. You can also access JamChat sessions which allow you to ask any guitar related questions at anytime(during the JamChat session) and have them answered within seconds.
  • JamTrack Library – There are over 500 JamTracks on JamPlay which are made to give you an awesome back beat of your choice to refine your lead guitar playing at anytime you want. The JamTrack Library is constantly growing with new tracks added each week.
  • Riff and Lick Library – The vast guitar Riff and Lick Library is on JamPlay to teach you the more solo and riff orientated aspects of guitar playing to help you break away from more standard playing allowing you create and bust out your own awesome solos and kick ass riffs of your own to rock out with! (This feature was easily my favorite)
  • Video looping – This brand new feature of JamPlay allows you to loop a video and re watch segments of a vid so you can watch parts of that particular video that you didn’t quite understand or follow without having to re buffer then entire vid. A very helpful feature.
  • Interactive Games – Get this. JamPlay actually have some pretty fun games that allow you to memorize and understand different aspects of the entire guitar playing experience without having to grind out lessons or read through articles. Some of the games Fret Memorization, Note Identification and Pitch recognition.
  • Personal Progression Reports – As you will continue to find out, with JamPlay the learning is really in your hands. With access to everything you need to gain the knowledge of the ways of guitar, you also have the ability to define your own learning by being able to monitor, update and build your own report progressions throughout JamPlay’s program.

I very much hope that by reading the feature list above you guys have learned something about what they have to offer over at JamPlay and have a more educated opinion of JamPlay’s learning program. If you guys want to see how JamPlay personally benefited me Click Here, and if you see any features I may have missed be sure to let me know on the contact me page and I will be more than happy to add it in.

Check Out JamPlay HERE…

In this quick segment of my JamPlay Review website I’d like to discuss with you guys what I disliked about JamPlay. As you will find reading the list below, there wasn’t much to say in this post but to provide you guys gals with an unbiased review I will list what I found more annoying or unnecessary about JamPlay.

  • Web lessons can be interrupted by various webcam issues.
  • It can be difficult to change from face to face guitar lessons to online lessons.
  • JamChat sessions can be dull or slow from time to time.

I bet you can already tell from the huge difference in content from the list above to what you’ll soon read in the “What I Really Loved About JamPlay” section below that the Pro’s far outweigh the Con’s when it comes to learning the guitar online at JamPlay.

Hey Guys, In this section of my JamPlay Review website Id like to give a full list and talk about some the many aspects of JamPlay that really stood out to me.

  • JamPlay Community – You get access to JamPlay’s strong and active community which is online and chatting 24/7. With the online JamChat sessions you can ask just about any guitar related question and have it answered immediately so you can get stuck back into what ever it was you were doing.
  • Massive content Libraries – JamPlay has various content libraries that you can access at any time  including massive chord and chart libraries, extensive scale libraries and kick ass Lick and Riff libraries.
  • UNLIMITED Supplemental content – JamPlay has an array of FREE printable charts and diagrams available for view at all times.
  • Video Looping Feature – Jamplay’s new video looping feature allows you to re watch a section of a video in a loop so you can better under certain parts of a video without having to constantly re buffer.
  • EVERY Genre – JamPlay gives lessons and advice on EVERY Genre of music from blues and jazz to pop and rock. They caters to everyone!

So as you can clearly see from the list above, there is a massive amount of Pro’s on JamPlay and they far outweigh the con’s. These Features are just the ones that stood out to me personally as awesome and I’m sure you’ll find even more features that you love when you check out JamPlay for yourself.


JamPlay Review - JamPlay picOkay, We’ve finally reached the last post of my JamPlay Review website and I would now like to give my final thoughts on JamPlay.

If you’re not going anywhere fast on your track to be a great guitarist, I highly recommend using JamPlay and utilizing all the online guitar lesson benefits they offer. The lessons over at JamPlay are easy to follow, well organized because they are created by professional guitar teachers and with massive libraries and a bunch of other useful features, It would take months of lessons at your local music shop/free lesson sites (Or where ever it is you personally go to learn) to learn what you can In a week at JamPlay.

After experiencing over pricing, slow teaching and limited content over on the free lesson sites and my local music store, I just wanted to avoid all the useless junk that wouldn’t teach me anything and get to really learning to do what I loved, playing the guitar.

After finally coming across JamPlay’s online guitar lessons, I started learning fast, practicing what I needed to know using a huge array of awesome benefits that I didn’t even know existed and got on the right track to becoming an awesome guitarists, with the ability to impress friends, family and even myself. All in all, If you’re interested in cutting past unnecessary and costly issues that come along with learning the guitar, check out JamPlay and see what they have to offer for yourself.

So that’s it guys, the end of my JamPlay Review website. I genuinely hope this has helped in some way and you are not more educated as to what JamPlay is and what they offer. Thanks again for being here and I hope you all get the chance to get a look at JamPlay for yourselves.

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Cheers guys – Scott